Machinations: 24 Hours to save the Earth!

Machinations is on its last 24 hour push.

The following rewards are provisional, but we’ll do our damnedest.

I’m afraid I can’t say for certain at what levels these will be available to people who aided, but definitely at the signed book level and possibly at the ‘Tea, Earl Grey, Hot’ level. Otherwise they’ll simply be available for purchase but I’ll give backers dibs on getting them at ‘mates rates’.

$4,000: ‘Tarot’ Deck:

A deck of cards from ‘in universe’ used for sooth-seeing, truth-telling and channelling psi. Doubling up as an inspiration deck for Games Masters.

(Image taken from The Science Tarot, which is pretty fucking goddamn awesome in its own right and clearly everyone should have one)

$5,000: Engraved Dice:

Six-sided dice engraved with an MotSP image in place of he one or the six. Maybe both. We haven’t decided yet.

$6000: Concept Album

OK, so not actually an album, but rather a square-format book containing 10 introductory adventures and styled after a 1970s prog-rock concept album. If we exceed 6k I may even find someone to lay down a couple of tracks on mp3 to go with it.

This is the LAST CHANCE to get in on this so tweet, facebook, blog, accost  people in the street but most of all: