Machinations: Approaching the Tannhauser Gate

We’re nearly there,  just $10 short of what we need to hit the 3k mark and unlock the GM screen.

(Un)fortunately I’m away at IndieCon which means I’ll be leaving things in Satine’s lovely and capable hands and won’t be back until the 12th. This means I’m missing a big chunk of the crucial last week of fundraising!

So, please FUND US and tell other people to FUND US and Tweet and FB and blog and whatever else you think you can do to get us MOAR!

There would be a 4k stretch goal, but with me away we haven’t had time to really discuss it. Mooted options were an engraved dice set and a game-world version of a Tarot deck. One or t’other or both may yet show up if people throw more money our way and we’ll see what’s what when I get home!

Pip pip