Machinations: Sketch One


“The modern ‘technology’ of interstellar society is the result of the mad scramble up from fire and the wheel of a billion civilisations. Every ship, every device that is made away from a core world is a hodge-podge of cobbled together, barely understood principles and mechanics. These things do not come with a manual. A valuable technician places as much trust in their intuition as their training.”
– Oomar Fon Kloot – Zen and the Art of Starship Repair

Machinations/Monster Maidens: Satine’s Art

Have a butchers at these and it’ll give you some idea what to expect, art-wise.

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Camelot Cosmos: The Tide of Years RELEASED!

The Camelot Cosmos, a dark age in space struggling towards a new enlightenment.

The Tide of Years expands the background and history of the game world providing new adventure ideas and insight into the past.

Download it HERE

You can get the complete Camelot Cosmos bundle for a steal on PDF HERE.