Machinations: Stretch Goal Number Two!

We hit the 2k mark, which is great! That means MotSP will now be available in full colour as well as a black and white interior version.

The next target is 3k, which will unlock a full colour GM screen of awesome science-fictional Satine art and quick reference stuff to make running the game easier. Maybe even some inspirational haiku and a drinks cup holder (no, I’m kidding). So, are we worth funding to the 3k level?

The more money, the more motivation, the more time can be devoted to making sure everything’s perfect.

I know some people are wary of IndieGoGo for whatever reason but there are two good reasons for using it.

  1. Kickstarter hasn’t, yet, opened access to UK fundraisers.
  2. On an ethical basis IndieGoGo are less censorious and controlling than Kickstarter and I prefer to use them and to have my work sponsored in a more free-speech environment. I think IndieGoGo (and other fundraising groups with a more hands off approach) are better for creators and deserve your patronage as much as the projects that they serve.

Why you should back Satine is obvious. Her art is fabulous, stylish and will give the game a wonderful and unique look.

Why should you back me?

I’m a closer. I get things done. I completed my previous fundraiser project, ImagiNation and that’s sitting at a 4.5 star rating on RPGNOW right now.

I know how to make games that fit genre, like Agents of SWING (four stars) or Blood! (four stars).

I’ve worked for Wizards of the Coast, Mongoose Publishing, Steve Jackson Games, Nightfall and Cubicle Seven as well as a handful of other, smaller companies.

I know what I’m doing, I’ve been doing it for years and doing it well. While I may occasionally be ‘controversial’ I think that is a good thing. It gives you an ability to be freer and more experimental and given that this game derives in attitude and rules from Lamentations of the Flame Princess and Raggi has a famously middle-finger attitude I think that’s a great fit.

You won’t just be buying a fun, kickass Sci-Fantasy game, you’ll also be buying a dose of what I do to make games work and how to bring that attitude to the table. I just hope that’s appealing!