Machinations: Space Pirates! A Monster Sketch

Captain Bringdown and the Lustrous-Less Crew of the Merry Widow

Captain Bringdown
3 Hit Dice (24 hit points – Boss)
Attack: +3 (Cutlass D6, Blaster Pistol D6)
Defence Class: 15
Armour: 1d6
Saves: 6

Captain Bringdown is the captain of The Merry Widow. A pirate starship crewed by robots (he doesn’t trust people – they want to share the loot). His key weapon is an ExoTech device that can channel negative energy through the main gun. This causes a lingering listlessness and depression (Spirit save to resist) that the crew take advantage of in their attacks and raids.

Special: Captain Bringdown can sacrifice one of his robot crew to take a hit for him, once per turn.

1 Hit Dice (8 hit points – Boss)
Attack: +2 (Cutlass D6, Blaster Pistol D6)
Defence Class: 12
Armour: 1d8
Saves: 6

Captain Bringdown’s second in command, PIR-8 is programmed to be the best possible first mate. Obsequious, loyal, butt-kissing and willing to die for his captain. He is all these things but only because he is programmed to be.

Special: PIR-8 can bolt other members of the crew to his chassis to heal hit points of damage or to provide a temporary boost to his hit points.

The Crew
1 Hit Dice (1 hit point – Goon)
Attack: +1 (Robo-Fist D4, Blaster Carbine D8)
Defence Class 12
Armour: D6
Saves: 6

A motley assortment of cobbled-together robots that tend to jerk, spasm and get suck on the letter ‘R’.

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