Machinations: The Galaxy

The galaxy is ancient. It has been turning for thirteen billion years and in that time many kinds of life and many different empires have risen and fallen. Ancient species have risen to become gods and demons and others have vanished without trace.

The latest of these empires The Matriarchy of Urlanth is in the process of collapsing under its own weight. It has reached its peak but with the death of the Empress and no clear heir the countless princesses with a claim to the throne the empire is tearing itself apart and opportunists are circling like vultures.

Urlanth is far from the only power in the galaxy, just the most dominant. Interstellar companies, guilds, smaller star empires and ravening alien species ply the spacelanes by every method you can think of.

The worlds towards the core have been settled more often, are closer, more civilised, more historied. Out towards the rim worlds are further apart and new worlds, new species, new technologies and new mysteries await.

Everywhere there are remnants of the past empires and powers. Tomb-Worlds, mysterious artefacts, starship graveyards, traps, treasures and Marie Celeste cities.

What do adventurers do?

Explore tomb worlds, plumb ancient mysteries, hunt bounties, hire on with one faction or another, form mercenary companies, seek their fortunes or even carve out their own star empire.


ImagiNation: RELEASED!

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ImagiNation presents a world in which the realms of the imagination and the physical world have been brought into violent proximity to one another. The mainland of the British Isles has become infected with a nameless ‘something’ that has caused people’s nightmares, dreams, obsessions and fancies to take a very real and dangerous form, locking
them within a landscape of their own minds.

Britain no longer meaningfully exists. What remains of the uninfected British population is confined to the islands around the mainland, a ‘safe distance’ across the water from where this strange phenomenon has taken place. Northern Ireland has joined up with Eire through necessity as much as anything else and the largest remaining, unaffected population is to be found on the Isle of Wight in the south.

Britain is lost. Its population is lost.

Lost, but still there.

The country is still there, the buildings, roads, factories and schools underneath the overlay of people’s imaginings, sometimes shaping and inspiring them. The people are still
there, too – those who survive their own nightmares, drifting aimlessly, caught up in their own fictions, living, psychic batteries giving form and personality to their dreams.

Some are aware. Lucid dreamers. Able to shape the world around them. Some of them, typically children or those with particularly strong imaginations, shape the world around them much more strongly, subsuming and controlling the imaginations of others.

Collectively, people’s imaginations are channelled and formed by the media they consumed before the disaster. One might find talking rabbits at Watership Down or any
number of local legends and rumours brought to life from serial killers and vampires to dragons and ghosts.

Britain is blockaded by a multinational task force and ex-patriots who, if they choose to return to the islands, may never leave again. What’s left of British money and power is devoted to holding this quarantine zone and working towards a solution. The problem is that very few people are immune, only the mindless, or those who were already broken in some way. Monstrous, terrible things are being done in the name of saving the country. Those few individuals who can enter the zone of effect without being warped, twisted
or subsumed, those who can control this new, mutable, amorphous reality are particularly valuable. Sent into the mainland they search for answers, try to rescue people and just try to make sense of what has happened.

You play the part of one of these scouts. Part of a team probing the worst excesses of the collective unconscious, looking for answers, looking for a cure.


AFTER you’ve dumped money into Machinations of the Space Princess you could do worse than give your spare change to this project…

A group of Israeli writers and artists are working on a cheeky new game called RATS! They are presently running an IndieGoGo campaign (IGG is like Kickstarter, only for non-Americans) to support our game. The head writer is Uri, whom you might remember from the work he’s done for Wizards of the Coast, Paizo Publishing and Mongoose Publishing.

RATS! is about the most amazing thing the media is not telling you about – the great rat rebellion known as the “grand awakening”. No, you’re not playing a fearless investigator uncovering a nefarious plot against mankind. You’re a rat, yes a rat, scheming for humanity’s downfall from the sewers. In addition to a demented setting, RATS! also boasts innovative game mechanics (e.g. mutations and mutilations damage/recovery) and the pack campaign, in which you take on the role of an entire pack instead of a single ratty hero.