ImagiNation: Imminent & Artwork!

ImagiNation should be ready very, very soon as all the art is in and done and all the text is done and edited.

Rowena Aitken who did most of the art for the game is selling the originals, so get in quck while you can to buy them!

Rowena Aitken Art Sale

Machinations: It’s the Little Differences…

People keep asking about cross-compatibility with LotFP and while I’m working from the same basic stock there are going to be a few key differences to make it work with the SF ‘thing’ and because I can’t help but fiddle with things anyway.

The main places where there need to be – or will be – some differences are:

1. Saving Throws – Something more general, more broadly applicable to the vast array of situations in which Sci-Fi/Sci-Fantasy characters can find themselves. Saving throws based from the characteristics seems to be the obvious choice, broader than 3rd Ed’s Ref/Fort/Will and capable of handling a broader array of situations.

2. Skills – The LotFP skill system is simple and robust. Too simple for some but with a huge amount of potential for all sorts of applications. Skills will be expanded out for all character classes, though experts/specialists will still have the edge – other character types can access more skills. Fighter-type characters in particular will have access to combat bonus abilities and will be the best capable of using alternative tactics.

3. Armour – To allow for both force fields and protective armour there needs to be a differentiation between preventing damage and avoiding damage.  Agility, deflection and avoidance on the one hand (Armour Class) with some sort of damage reduction (perhaps randomised?).

All of this stuff will be optional – of course – and I’ll put in sidebars and alternatives so that people can do without them but I do think they’ll make for a better game with its own feel.