Machinations: We Deliver

Ideas are one thing, but if you’re going to back a project you need to know that what you’re backing will see the light of day. Not being American it is hard for me to ‘big myself up’ but let’s try…

I’ve been writing RPGs professionally since 1998-1999 and have been full time doing my own thing since around 2003/2004. In that time I have produced a lot of freelance work for companies including SJG, C7, WotC and more. I have also published a huge amount of games of my own devising with supplementary material and have mentored a couple of new games writers as well.

If you followed my previous fundraising project, ImagiNation then you know I can get it done. That game is written, edited and only waiting on a couple more pieces of art before it comes out (hopefully next week). The generic version of the system behind that – The Description System – should also be coming out around the same sort of time.

Even while working full time on a novel I’ve managed to turn out several ‘Fistful of Fantasy’ RPG adventure seed booklets. Basically, what I’m saying is that I can ‘get shit done’ and I normally get it done on a shoestring. Give me a decent amount of money to work with (and I count a grand as that) and something wonderful can be accomplished.

As to Satine? I’ve wanted to work with her for some time based purely on the quality and strong graphical style of her sensuous art. She sketched out a rough of the Machinations cover while on a plane back from a holiday. She’s not only wonderfully talented but is also, clearly, a hard an motivated worker and I’m confident in her being able to deliver the art that we need.

We deliver.

You just have to order.


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