Machinations: Updated Fundraiser Page!

We’ve updated the fundraiser page with some new perks (there may still be a few more to come but we’ll handle changing your pledge reward for you if you want to change or double/triple up).

Things will kick into even higher gear starting next week with more notes, a pitch video and more to tempt and tease. I’m also hoping to get some blog and podcast interviews going and otherwise I’m available across social media and in this blog to field people’s questions about the game.

Meanwhile, here’s a few little word-pictures, tasters, ideas:

A pirate ship spreads its solar sails and sweeps out of the sun, blasting at a convoy of golden, glinting traders.

The white-furred bandit queen receives you in the icy inner chamber of her comet fortress. Airs and graces that bely her vicious whims.

The ship crashed. Your suit’s batteries failed. The bloodsucking thorns tore at your flesh and your shipsuit. Ragged and bloodied you are down to your diamond-knife and your disintegrator pistol, on half charge. Then you hear the shriek of a beast…

Gorlakk slides the packet of tyon powder across the desk, distracted by the three-breasted girl dancing in the zero-gee bubble. “You get that sold and I’ll give you your in with the Marquis.”

The gunfighter fixes her opponent in the range-finding gaze of her cybernetic eye. When the mass-lift fires they draw, but what he doesn’t know is that the gun on her bare hip is a decoy. The real gun is built into her gunmetal right-arm.


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