Machinations: Fundraising and Rewards

So, Satine’s back and we’re talking about rewards.

Now, I don’t have the resources or profile of someone like Monte Cook and people are definitely hitting their Kickstarter/IndieGoGo exhaustion limit.

Hopefully there’s still enough goodwill out there and I’m not asking for as much as many projects because I think we can squeeze a great deal of quality out of a more reasonable amount of cash.

I’m not going to think ahead to stretch goals, that’d jinx it, but we’re thinking up extra reward levels and options.

So, here’s a thought. Why don’t YOU let us know what sort of rewards you might like on this project and how much money you’d heft out of your pocket to get it. We’ll see what we can do about it making them – or something like them – a reality in order to wrangle money out of you!


4 responses to “Machinations: Fundraising and Rewards

  1. If I contribute now but decide there is a better stretch goal later on and I want that how will upgrading work, since Paypal charges at the time of purchase?

  2. One of the things Raggi has had luck with has been the optional notes about what he would do to the game. Or rules he would experiment with.

    For those that want to be more creative designing a starship or piece of advanced tech.

    You could also have reward tiers that are a game run by you. Access to the playtest docs.

    Maybe even a version that includes commentary in the margines on how/how the game game evolved or a small book discussing the design process.

    Additional things might be art prints or (post) card printed sets of the art.

    The later two might be something I’d want. Especially given samples of what they would look like or entail.

  3. There’s always additional Adventures something like the 6 Pack adventures you did.
    Or how about some paper mini’s featuring Satine’s art?

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