Fistful of Fantasy – Number Two – RELEASED!

From the author of the ‘100’ series of Adventure Seeds books, a new, shorter form source of inspiration for Games Masters. They might be adventures, non-player-characters, monsters, places… all ready to be dropped into your fantasy campaign, regardless of system.

In this booklet:

A Wand for the Everyman: What if the power to smite could be put in the hands of every peasant with a steady aim, without decades of study and the power of the blood?

Kingdom of the Blind: The Witch Queen keeps her people in check by literally keeping them in the dark. What does she do with all those eyes?

Wulfkin: There are more ways to become a shapeshifter than by being bit. What kind of person would call that curse onto themselves?

The Living Word: A desert temple, guarded by a mummy. Not everything is necessarily as straightforward as it seems though…

Life & Limb: The city is the most secure in the world but it takes power and daring to keep it that way, sometimes at the cost of its poor and vulnerable.

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