Maksa-Jazra – Cultures

Cultures replace the more normal racial options. These are examples/ideas and by no means exhaustive. A culture provides a +1 bonus to one Stat, a -1 penalty to another and either access to a skill you would not normally be able to get (from your class) OR a +1 bonus to a skill – if it’s a basic skill or one you have access to from your class.

Plus Minus Culture Skill
Charisma Constitution Civilised Mercantile Craft
Charisma Dexterity Nomadic Herders Bushcraft
Charisma Intelligence Simple Settlers Land Lore
Charisma Strength Decadent Lore (Blank)
Charisma Wisdom Wandering Traders Bushcraft
Constitution Charisma Insular Barbarians Bushcraft
Constitution Dexterity Settled Herders Bushcraft
Constitution Intelligence Primitive Theocracy Spirituality
Constitution Strength Swamp Dweller Bushcraft
Constitution Wisdom Primitives Bushcraft
Dexterity Charisma Insular Woodsmen Bushcraft
Dexterity Constitution Hunter Gatherers Bushcraft
Dexterity Intelligence Fleet Nomads Bushcraft
Dexterity Strength Civilised Crafters Craft
Dexterity Wisdom Civilised Explorers Alchemy/Tinker
Intelligence Charisma Civilised Scholars Lore (Any)
Intelligence Constitution Cerebral Thinkers Lore (Any)
Intelligence Dexterity Philosophers Lore (Any)
Intelligence Strength Ruling Technocrats Lore (Any)
Intelligence Wisdom Scientific Elite Alchemy/Craft
Strength Charisma Bestial Raiders Deadly Strike
Strength Constitution Mudlarks & Toshers Search
Strength Dexterity Brutal Raiders Deadly Strike
Strength Intelligence Vicious Primitives Bushcraft
Strength Wisdom Piratical Raiders Search
Wisdom Charisma Theocratic Elite Spirituality
Wisdom Constitution Lonely Islanders Bushcraft
Wisdom Dexterity Decadent Religious Caste Spirituality
Wisdom Intelligence Mystic Tribe Spirituality
Wisdom Strength Lotus Eaters Spirituality


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