Maksa-Jazra: Character Creation

1. Roll ability scores (3d6 total, in order, one roll each stat.
2. Note bonuses from abilities.
3. Choose a Character Class (Fighter, Specialist, Scholar, Psionicist).
4. Determine starting equipment/money (no alignment).
5 Choose a name.

As normal for Lotfp but also gains 1 skill point per level.
Fighter Skills: Basic Skills+, Weapon Training, Honed Strength, Honed Dexterity, Honed Constitution, Death Blow, Deadly Strike, Sneak Attack, Toughness.

As normal for Lotfp, including skill points. Specialists can choose from ANY skills from any class.

(Yet to be made up, a new class, a cerebral skill-oriented character). Scholars start with three skill points and gain three per level.
Scholar Skills: Basic Skills+, Alchemy, Spirituality, Land Lore, Honed Intelligence, Honed Wisdom, Monster Lore.


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