So, Machinations of the Space Princess didn’t fund, but we didn’t do too badly. There’s around a grand’s worth of interest out there it seems so maybe we can still do it. Satine’s still up for the project and I would still like to see it done so we’ll take some time and  and think over the options and maybe, in a while, we’ll do a Kickstarter or an IndieGoGo with a more modest target and see what we can scare up.

If I do that I’d want to do something closer to a full game, but built on the scaffold of Lamentations of the Flame Princess. Something that’s a bit more fulsome a little bit less of a toolkit that still needs some wangling. I’d wand to do more than an asteroid, scare up a whole background and some proper spaceship/space combat rules.

I’d also mod the fuck out of the game, just because that’s how I roll. More skill based, some shiny combat options that are better set out, or at least have some guidelines in there. Psychics, aliens and a Metal Hurlant theme, feel and freedom to the whole thing. I want the good parts of the style, creativity and craziness of album covers, sci-fantasy, comics and crazy B-movies all wrapped up in  sexy, dangerous bundle.

I just cleared my desk of work, so I’m in no major hurry to get cracking with this but if there is support and if we can raise some cash to throw at Satine, it’ll still happen.

Rock and roll!

\m/ >.< \m/

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