Machinations: The Asteroid

What I’m going to do with Princess Madan Kaana’s private asteroid is to present a location, chock full of ideas, antagonists, NPCs etc which you can either play through as a straight-up adventure (escape!) or as a location you can use in your own sci-fantasy campaigns or have your players kidnapped to in your normal campaigns.

Think of it almost like an indoor hex-crawl, a resource of ideas and weird, sexy, scary shit for you to use. Satine’s nea, graphical renderings should make it look awesome and inspire even more thoughts and adventure ideas and I really hope people will take it and run with it.

This asteroid is many things. A slave station for the mining of unobtanium, a pleasure palace for a jaded alien princess, a minor space port, a military garrison, a prison and even a zoo for the strange creatures from many worlds. Princess Kaana could be a patron just as easily as a villain.

I think you’ll like this if it gets written and it can be so much more than ‘just’ an adventure.