Machinations: Characters

If I haven’t already been clear enough on this point, my intention should Machinations of the Space Princess get funded is to provide a toolkit. In this instance a toolkit for running adult science-fantasy adventures using LotfP as a base.

That means there’ll be some quick and dirty changes, tables and other Vornheimesque goodies for you to be going on with and optional rules you can jigger around with.

One of the bigger things I think would have to change would be the approach to some of the characters.

Psion: Replacing the magic-user and the cleric, a psion would be non-vancian, level dependent with less powers but more flexibility to use them. Probably much more like a Cleric than a magic-user and using re-skinned spells as powers.

Fighter: The fighter needs some extra options I think, especially in a game where blasters and guns are getting to be as important as a sword and shield. Perhaps some special combat abilities, offsetting penalties, letting them do some cool stuff. Disarms, crippling blows, defensive fighting, killing blows, that sort of thing. Formalising GM fiat a little – essentially.

Specialist: All characters are going to need better access to skills. That’s the nature of a ‘modern’ setting. Skills become more important. Specialists should, then, become even better at this defining thing. Jacks of all trades (potentially). I’ve a feeling the number of skills would also need to expand for the setting.

Mystic Alien: You know the kind, full of mumbo-jumbo. Basically the same as ‘elves’ but a bit more customisable since there’s all kinds of alien races. A lot of alien features are going to be purely cosmetic (Star Trek headpieces) but others are going to impact. How about some cool random tables?

Physical Alien: If Mystic Aliens are Vulcans, Physical aliens are Klingons (or Gorn). Most aliens in this kind of thing are particular human characteristics writ large, exaggerated. These are going to be your ‘dwarf’ equivalent but again, with more customisation and more (yay!) random tables. Also, robots.