ImagiNation Update

Sorry for the delay, I’ve been pre-occupied, obviously.

As well as the more full on illustrations in ImagiNation there will be scraps of notes, observations and sketches from the talented and damaged few that are able to brave the changed mainland. This sketch by Rowena Aitken is one of those, capturing the moment that an artist’s painting is energised and comes to life, emerging from the canvas to – hopefully – do their bidding.

You’ll also get diary entries, ‘post-it notes’ and other scraps of observation from island dwellers and explorers as a way of bringing the setting and all its weirdness to life.

Unfortunately, due to recent issues I’ve slipped behind on talking to people about their rewards from the campaign. The character profiles and the entries. I’ll be getting back in touch as soon as I can but if you want to jump the gun and get in touch before I do, please do.

I just finished writing up the section on mental illness – and how it interacts with the creative abilities – so progress is, once again, being made.