Shameless Sunday

Buy my shit, miserable peons!

PDFs your fancy?

You can get my games at RPGNOW, Paizo, IPR and E23.

Hardcopy more your forte? Leisuregames sometimes have some of my stuff in stock, as do IPR and otherwise you can get POD from Lulu.

Prefer fiction?

You can download some of my stories from Drivethrufiction, Kindle and if you search for me on Nook and in the iBookstore you’ll find me there. You can also grab my fiction from Smashwords.

We have apparel and other bits and pieces available from our Cafepress store.

On top of all that we have a fundraiser going on for a shiny Lamentations of the Flame Princess adventure over on IndieGoGo so feel free to chuck a few bucks that way. I promise it’ll be cool. I’m planning to take more of a ‘toolkit’/’playground’ approach that you may like.

You can find me on:

Twitter @Grimachu

Or drop emails to grim AT postmort DOT demon DOT co DOT uk

Or you can drop comments here.