Mass Effect: Extended Cut

Here be spoilers!

OK, we’ve got access to the super-duper extended endings now and they make a few things clearer and give you more of a clue to the fate of the galaxy. It’s still not as good as the series deserves but it’s a damn sight better than it was.

The video above links to the extended cut versions of all the endings including the new one, where you basically tell Space Nyarlathotep to fuck off with his bullshit choices.

Fuck You Ending
Shep tells Space Nyarlathotep to fuck off and The Reapers eat everyone. There’s going to be a long guerilla war but in the end all sentient species are boned. Liara’s emergency message may get seen by somebody in the future but sticking to the principle of independence and freedom means you’re boned.
Grims RP Tip:  Playing from this point is going to be a grindingly depressing campaign but maybe there’s some other hope than the crucible, which is kind of a trap anyway. Victory would come at huge cost though.

Synthesis Ending
Everyone becomes part synthetic and sings in harmony, rebuilding the galaxy and… yeah, I’m throwing up in my mouth already. It’s sweetness and light but it still makes zero damn sense. More disturbingly it hints that the husks retain their memories and higher functions and that once freed from direct control remember who they are. Horrifying.
Grim’s RP Tip:  Dull. Avoid.

Control Ending
It’s now made explicitly clear that Shep becomes ‘one’ with the Reaper consciousness and guides and controls them. The Reapers become tools of the Shep-AI and repair everything. Shep-AI becomes a sort of galactic dictator. This is still sort of dull to be honest and absolute power tends to corrupt absolutely.
Grim’s RP Tip: Still dull, but spin on a few years and have the Shep-AI getting corrupt and dangerous and you might have something interesting.

Destruction Ending
Still far and away the best ending in my opinion. In this one you destroy the Reapers and the relays go ‘foom’ to spread the Reaper death signal around the galaxy. It’s now shown explicitly that the relays are NOT destroyed and nor is The Citadel – which was a decision I took in writing up my version. This shit can be repaired and understood. You really don’t need to change much from my previous articles in light of the revised destruction ending.
Grim’s RP Tip: This is the one.

One response to “Mass Effect: Extended Cut

  1. I do not think the control ending could be that boring a campaign setting actually. Watching the control ending, I immediately drew comparisons to the birth imperial Rome, with Shepard-AI being in the role of the Princeps or Dominus respectively. I think at best, the Shepard-AI would wind up being either Augustus, or one of the Antonines. At worst, Diocletian. Perhaps over the years Shepard-AI would morph from one to the other. I would avoid one of the crazier emperors, as then the stories would be kinda cliched.

    What would make the setting interesting is if the galactic council were placed in the role of the Roman senate. It’s true that in the Imperial era, the Senate was a rubber stamp for the princeps, but many emperors fell because they were not able to play the game, and dance well with the senate. It would be interesting to give the Gamers roles as players in intrigues between Shepard-AI and the council.

    That’s my take on how the control ending could work as a game setting.

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