Marvel Heroic: The Honey Badger

The  Honey Badger

 [d12], Buddy [D4], Team [D4]

Pretty Badass
Doesn’t Care
Just Craaaazy

Power Sets
Honey Badger: 
Badger-Strength [d10], Fearless [d12], Watch Him Dig [d8], Doesn’t Give a Shit [d12], Claws [d8], Thick Fur [d8].
SFX: Hardcore 1PP allows the Nasty-Ass Honey Badger to keep BOTH an extra effect die and total die from his rolls.

1xp: Eat something nasty.
3xp: Eat something poisonous.
10xp: Eat something inedible.
Doesn’t Give a Shit
1xp: Not give a shit.
3xp: Takes stress.
10xp: Take trauma.


The Honey Badger doesn’t care and neither should you.

Neither hero nor villain The Honey Badger doesn’t give a shit. He just goes after whatever he wants and cuts through whatever is in his way. Many heroes and villains claim to have killed him but in every case he’s just turned out to be having a nap and gets up later on to continue not giving a shit.


If using Honey Badger as a villain, substitute PP for a D6 Doom Dice (or higher).

Public Statement Re: Mongoose

I am disappointed today to discover that Mongoose Publishing, with whom I have had a professional and personal relationship for around a decade, have caved to pressure from a libellous petition against me.

The text of their statement will be appended below.

I am certain there are more people out there who support me and my work, the principles of free expression and who understand satire and comedic exaggeration.

I need your support and I need the support of your friends. I think we should be easily able to outdo the amount of support this person’s petition against me garnered.

Just from amongst my friends, my family, my acquaintances, those who know me to even the slightest degree there should be enough people to make this incident and this woman’s petition look ridiculous. When you include my customers, it should be dwarfed.

I understand you might be afraid of sticking your neck out and being associated with me, purely because of the manner of accusations being made against me. They remain untrue, have never been true and will never be true. So please don’t let that hold you back.

If you need reassurance you know how to contact me. I have tried to be reasonable and open about every aspect of this incident since the start. Not that it has done me any good.

A line has been crossed here and it is a very dangerous one.

Someone has set up a counter-petition in support of me (not the other, silly petition that has also been doing the rounds). You can find it here, please sign.

Counter Petition

Many of you will be aware that over the past couple of days Mongoose has been caught up in a controversy regarding a blog post of a freelancer we once hired.

We would like to make clear that we have, and have not had, any plans to hire this freelancer again for any future projects.

We understand that some people have found his previous material upsetting, despite all intentions for it to be humorous. This book will therefore be allowed to lapse out of print, and we will not actively promote it in any way. It will never be reprinted.

Like other publishers, we have a deep interest in publishing a greater amount of female-positive material, and would welcome any discussion of such on our forums.

There have been a few comments raised about an unfortunate phrase that was chosen for a temporary project title on our forums. It was used without sufficient thought as to its implications beyond a reference to a film. It was immediatly deleted as soon as this was pointed out.

We regret any offence given either in private email by myself or on our forums. Our actions throughout this situation, while obviously not a picture of perfect PR, have nonetheless been motivated by a genuine desire to try to understand the other’s point of view and see if any kind of compromise or reconciliation could be reached. At the end of the day, I am a gamer and ex-computer engineer who has found himself running a company – what I know of PR could be written on a postage stamp. However, as I say, the motives were genuine. 

Finally, it has been reported that some… individuals (I would hesitate to call them people) have been sending threats of violence to others. We have nothing to do with that, condemn it utterly and, frankly, those individuals should be ashamed of themselves. There is nothing big or clever in what you have done.

Matthew Sprange

Face, Meet Palm

I’m taking today off the internet, other than email, but I’ll just leave this here.

As you can see Matt of Mongoose has been perfectly reasonable through the whole thing and the other party… not so much. Their lack of research and conclusion-jumping is pretty obvious but perhaps the most egregious error is in thinking I made the Tentacle Bento game, when in fact they ripped me off. She also seems to see the repugnant episode of TB getting taken down from Kickstarter as a good thing.

I can tell we’ll never be friends (not recognising a Full Metal Jacket quote is another reason).

For the desperately hard of understanding. I have not asked anyone to send her rape threats and I know trolling when I see it. People like this young lady don’t – apparently – know trolling when they see it and take it seriously, then use it to back up their claims of harassment, rape culture etc. I know that’s the emotional payoff for you trolls, but the don’t. Please don’t do it, it really doesn’t help. Not that you mean it to help, nor that you’ll listen to me, but some people think failing to condemn something means you support it.

The Dalai-Lama hasn’t opening condemned buggering marmosets. I guess he must support it then. I expect a petition on that any moment.

People supporting me have made a couple of petitions.

One humorous.

One not.

I haven’t promoted these previously because, well, I’m British damn it and we don’t particularly like self-aggrandisement but what the hell. Sane and literate people are apparently in short supply and need a little bit of a prompt to sign such things, whereas kneejerk concern trolls don’t. It would be lovely if you’d sign these to show support.

Madam, I think THESE two LINKS may help you understand my comedic work. I also suggest investigating the work of Chris Morris.

You may not like it but that doesn’t make me a monster nor does it make me a rape supporter. I do not condone, support or excuse rape. What I do support is free expression, even when it’s ‘problematic’ and I oppose censorship and attempted censorship whether it comes from governments, companies or self-appointed moral watchdogs.

You have not attempted to engage me, you have not asked and judging by your enormous blog post you have not done even the bare minimum of research or reading (I’m sure you’ll edit it later, but still). Nor were you willing to actually talk with Matthew who was clearly doing his best to be polite and to take you seriously. Do you really want to be another Pat Pulling or Tipper Gore? You seem to have such a low opinion of men and gamers that you can’t tell a parody when you see one because you think people genuinely hold these viewpoints. That’s quite sad really.

Right, I’m taking today off and then it’s back to the business of making kick-arse games and writing fiction. I’ll try to just ignore anymore of this bullshittery that comes along. Apologies to the regulars for getting caught up  in all this so much.