I Need You: Anti Censorship

This is reaching the proportion of Kafkaesque nonsense. Or possibly life mirrors ART.

I have never condoned or excused rape. I don’t say it’s a good thing. Never have.

I defended its use as a story element and largely because I have been concerned about things being written off on the basis of the character of content, sight unseen and unthinking.

I think anything should potentially be open for dramatic interpretation

Anyway, I would appreciate the assistance of those who know me, who know better, who have actually absorbed what I genuinely think and say to go against this nonsense.

There’s a human rights petition, which would be lol-worthy were they not serious.

Also a poll at Mongoose Publishing.

If people want to calmly and politely ask me about any of these issues and asks in good faith, I’ll happily field your questions and clarifications.

7 responses to “I Need You: Anti Censorship

  1. “I have never condoned or excused rape. I don’t say it’s a good thing. Never have.”

    No, but you’ve trivialised it a few times (e.g. “Rape or attempted rape is a fucking awesome plot element”, “rather innocent ‘Tentacle Rape’ card game”, “Rape is certainly some shit that can happen”) and generally provided the impression that if someone has an issue with how loosely you discuss the topic it is their problem.

    You also seem to confuse rape and sex (which happens a lot), and denied the idea of (and concerns about) rape culture.

    Rape can be part of a story, but it needs to be handled sensitively, not “as a cheap jab to get someone’s emotions involved” (which you certainly did by referring to it as a “fucking awesome plot element”). There are movies such as “The Shawshank Redemption” and “The Accused” where rape isn’t played for titillation, but in a lot of cases rape or sexual assault in fiction is used as a character building exercise for a female character or for a cheap excuse to show some T&A.

    So rape, as a topic, needs to dealt with in a sensitive fashion. Which you didn’t do.

    • I still don’t believe in this rape culture construct, sorry. Not believing a good case has been made for something isn’t the same as denial.

      As to the rest, no that doesn’t trivialise it, it treats it the same way as any other uncomfortable or controversial topic. Indeed, it is their problem.

      You’re again making a quality argument, which is subjective. Not an argument against the use of it as a plot device which is what the article is about. Your fine, sensitive, accurate portrayal is someone else’s trash – and vice versa.

    • “Rape is a fucking awesome plot element” does not trivialize rape. It states how powerful it is–the exact opposite of trivializing. “Rape is some shit that can happen” is also taken out of context.

      And the original post NEVER confused rape and sex. It clearly stated how emotionally powerful rape is and said it helps identify evil characters. So unless the OP is equating sex with evil, you are wrong again.

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