Marvel Basic Roleplaying: The Recluse

A long time ago now I made a spoof RPG based on FASERIP for my friends as a birthday/Xmas gift with pics by Zel. This was my character and here he is updated for Marvel Basic Roleplaying:

Secret Identity: James Desborough, agoraphobic and antisocial writer.
Origin: Feeling left out of the whole superhero thing James spent a great deal of money on Ebay purchasing the super-powered gadgetry of a number of supervillains who had been arrested in the US and had their goods confiscated as part of their punishment. Suitably equipped he took up a life of crime fighting for a period before deciding it was all far too much effort and the human race were:

‘A bunch of useless bastards who deserve to be robbed’.

He still uses his formidable detective skills in the service of the Legion Of Ming but would rather sit at home in his pants and write.

d10, Buddy: D6, Team: D8
Distinctions: D4+1PP/D8
Ray of fucking sunshine
Silver-tongued wordsmith
Sharp of mind and wit
I Bought my Powers on eBay
Tentacle Harness:
SFX: Multiple Attacks – Keep an extra effect die.
Arachno-Goggles: D8
SFX: Low-Light Vision.
SFX: 360 degree vision – Use opportunity to interrupt surprise attack.
Armoured Trenchcoat: D6
Limit: Cheap Shit: +1PP for power breaking down, roll against Doom Pool to recover.
Business Expert
Writing Expert
Internet Master
Something about Frying Pans & Fires
1xp When you predict something is going to get worse and it does.
3xp When you first take +1 PP for something going tits-up.
10xp When you just give up.
Sarcasm is the Lowest Form of Wit
1xp When you first say something scathingly sarcastic to someone.
3xp When you first get a laugh.
10xp When you first defeat an enemy with nothing but emotional stress.