ImagiNation – Last Chance

You can still donate to ImagiNation but this is your last chance!

Dear Mum,

It’s funny the things you notice, the way you see themes in people’s imaginations when they’re made flesh. Most people’s imaginations seem to be blunted, predictable. You lose count of the Angelina Jolies of David Beckhams you see conjured from people’s sordid, tabloid fantasies. A lot of people have quite mundane and predictable fantasies.

When you stumble upon an area influenced by the dreams of children it’s a little different. A child’s dreams are more vibrant, stronger. Children still believe in the monster under the bed so when you run into one it’s vicious, persistent and tough.

Even here though you’ll find some strange artefacts of blunted imagination. On the one hand this makes us happy, we know what to expect. On the other hand I can’t help but see it as a tragedy. How many TV cartoons do we see brought to life? You can hear a flock of birds take flight and when you look up they’re nothing but gestural ticks, shorthand for bird from some colouring book.

Then there are he weirder things, the stranger places. People with a stronger, more unique imagination dominate the weaker concepts around them. Everyone has something unique that terrifies them, excites them, engages their secret desires. Here there’s no secrets, it’s all writ large to be seen, experienced and survived.

Then there’s the people like us, survivors with talent and broken minds, building castles in the clouds. The only people who retain their own minds.

It’s all so wonderful, and all so horrifying.

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