Nothing says ‘Fuck you’ like money!

So, I’m sure you’ve heard by now that a bunch of concern trolls have managed to get a previously approved and rather innocent ‘Tentacle Rape’ card game Kickstarter pulled.

This is censorious bullshit and I intend to talk a lot more on this subject. There’s a critical mass of puritan bullshit and self-hating flagellation going on and I’ve had enough of it.

Still, I find the best way to say ‘Fuck you’ to censorship is to vote positively, rather than negatively, with your wallet.

Soda Pop have worked out another way to fund their product drive on their own site and as for myself, I’ve doubled what I had pledged before.

I suggest you do the same.

For my part, solidarity Soda Pop, you’re going through an (oddly) more vociferous version of the beasting I got over Hentacle and Cthentacle.

If you want to show that there are more open-minded, libertine, anti-censorship people out there who can tell the difference between reality and fantasy, you can pledge HERE

In fact, you know what? I’m going to pledge more money to them based on Hentacle and Cthentacle sales for the rest of the month too. Think of it as monetarily flipping the bird with BOTH hands.

7 responses to “Nothing says ‘Fuck you’ like money!

  1. Good Show! Indeed. I also upped my pledge, and am thinking of making a second one to help spread the tentacles! Kickstarter lost out. Never give in to censorship!

    Oh, and I hope this will motivate you(Grim) to work further towards publishing a full edition of your Hentacle/Chthentacle games too. I already bought the PDFs, but I would love to be able to throw out my crappy poorly printed edition for a nice fresh set. Oh, did anyone ever mention there are some oddities in a couple of the sets that I assume were miss-prints, like a 1 that should be a 5(and has the text of a 5.) Any chance I could get an unlocked edition of the PDF to make those corrections, and to reprint the cards in a better size, not being able to resize the cards really sucks, they are just too big to fit in most card sleeves.

  2. Personally, I’m more surprised that you were using kickstarter at all, than that the Moral Majority (rarely moral, never in a majority) got their knickers in a twist about it.

    I thought you had to be a company based and registered in the United States to be able to get anything from Kickstarter?

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