ImagiNation Update and Open FAQ

See how it’s going HERE

I’ll limit myself to one post a day on this after today but as I’m writing this I’m already over 50% to target. This FAQ will be a living post that I’ll add to as people ask things about the project. I’ll let you know when I update it.

Q: Didn’t you say you didn’t like these crowdfunding things?

A: I still don’t really. A lot of these projects seem to ask for a shitload more money than I think they actually need, I’m not comfortable with ‘begging’ and I’ve done OK without chugging up to this point. I changed my mind purely because I’ve seen the success elsewhere that people have had and because this is, in effect, a ‘charity’ project. I still don’t think I’d be comfortable using this method for a straightforward project – though I may give it a go later on.

Q: Why IndieGoGo and not Kickstarter?

A: KS is America only. I’m British. It sucks and I know KS has a higher profile and many people are more comfortable with it, but I don’t have a choice. IGG is the 2nd best of these services IMO and the second most popular… so that’s why.

Q: What if you go over target?

A: I didn’t think I had a chance of hitting my target, let alone exceeding it. Now I don’t really know. As much as possible I will put money into the project and into other creatives – artists, layout people – who suffer from these problems as they contribute.

Q: Why are you taking money for yourself if it’s a Charity project?

A: This was going to be a commercial project originally, but I would rather it not be. Working is hard when you have depression and the truth is that I simply cannot afford to spend the time on it if I’m not going to be paid. I’m sacrificing the ‘Long Tail’ money for an up-front lump sum. I’ve already spent around $300 of my own money on the project already, so really I’ll just be recouping my loss and paying other creatives – with issues similar to my own – taking some pressure off all of us to get this done.


Ask questions in the comments and I’ll do my best to answer them in this FAQ.

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