Does Postmortem Spam You Enough?

I’m a touch curious chaps and chapettes. Being British and all, I find it very difficult to pimp my wares without getting horribly self-concious. So I’d love to know if you think I blither on about my stuff enough, or not. If you feel like being difficult and not fitting the poll, comment on this post.

One response to “Does Postmortem Spam You Enough?

  1. As long as I feel the email is of value to me (or at least feel that you might reasonably conclude that I might actually be interested in the content of the email), I don’t mind getting them.

    What is important is making sure that if I want to stop getting them, it is easy and transparent how I get out of it, and it needs to be as little effort (or at least, not much more effort) as clicking the spam button. (Not that I would in your case; I know you)

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