Does he give you the ‘Hebrew-Jeebies’ RPGnet?

You may recall my friend Uri Kurlianchik from previous storm-in-a-teacup drama over the DNDkids articles and entanglements with transgender, possible-rapist ‘Kynn’.

Uri’s been the target of a lot of hysteria because he tends to talk about things as they actually are, rather than as they should be and because he has a wicked and nasty sense of humour with little or no respect for anyone who gets offended. This is a trait he shares with me and Frankie Boyle.

Recently, as is completely reasonable, Uri went on RPGnet to promote a book project he’s doing (feel free to follow the link and drop him some cash towards it). Of course, RPGnet being RPGnet and Uri being an Israeli anyone with any past experience of RPGnet’s white-knighting crusaders can tell what happened next.

So, Uri appears to have been banned, on a board that champions itself and its moderation as tolerant, progressive and anti-prejudice for… being a heeb.

That’s beyond irony.

My own brushes with RPGnet moderation have been legion in the past, culminating in a company account being accused of being a sockpuppet (it wasn’t) and I’ve attempted to pursue the issue of the totalitarian moderation and moderator abuse with every level of the company right up to its parent company, Skotos, who – as it turns out – ALSO have a shitty reputation and whose representative wouldn’t even take the time to listen to a complaint. I wish I’d kept the recording of our Skype conversation as it was rather enlightening as to the nature of the board, the company and the people running it.

Social Media may have eclipsed fora, but RPGnet should have been, should be, a place for open and heated discussion where people can disagree loudly and vociferously without the banhammer descending on the random whim of a particular arsehole.

I had determined to leave that wretched hive of scum and villainy alone and pay it no heed, but this latest nonsense is such a good illustration of everything that’s wrong with the place that it was impossible to pass up.

If you need me I’ll be shouting ‘I told you so’ over on that mountain top.