Camelot Cosmos: Organisations

The Camelot Cosmos has a great many organisations, mostly guilds, which band together to protect their expertise and to exert more control than they would alone. These guilds are much more important in most people’s day-to-day lives than the affairs of kings and princes as almost everyone with any marketable skill will belong to one. The guilds take their rules very seriously and look after their people, so long as they conform to those rules.

Thieves Guild

The Hollow Men are found everywhere and while there’s little to no honour amongst thieves they at least know their own kind and that they need to stick together against outsiders. The guild is organised in part like organised crime and in part like a terrorist cell. Each town or city has its own group and their affiliations are loose but, put together, they are one of the largest guilds.

The Assassin’s Guild

One can hire any thug as a tuppenny killer, but an assassin is something different. There’s an art, a style and a perfection to their way of doing things. They don’t just kill someone, any fool can do that. They eliminate them. Rumours abound around the guild, a testament to their secrecy, the most persistent that they are not truly a guild but a cult, dedicated to the Nephilic aspect Barbatos.

The Merchant’s Guild

The Sons of Florin are rich beyond the wildest dreams of most. They control the weekly markets, the great guildhalls, they control the purse-strings and the money of empires. The Merchant’s Guild often has ideas above and beyond its station and believes that money cures all problems. A conviction they must repeatedly be disavowed of.

The Fighter’s Guild

The Blade Brothers are an independent fighting body, not exactly mercenaries but some of the way there. Adventurers, body guards, bodies for hire but always mindful of the purpose they’re most commonly employed securing merchant caravans or escorting dignitaries. Their chain of independent forts, almost little towns to themselves, make some of the other guilds and nobles wary.

The Wizard’s Guild

The Arcane Brotherhood are dedicated to understanding and exploiting the past. Their mastery of the old ways is kept largely to themselves and all manner of rumours about what they can do abound. Can they turn lead into gold? Live forever? Who really knows, but they do have tricks and wisdom beyond that of other groups.

The Seraphic Church

The White Lodge is found everywhere in Kingsland, it’s power second only to the King. There are priests or monks everywhere, all bowing their head to the Archbishop of Camelot. The church is wealthy, claims many as its members but has lost ground to the King’s authority in more recent years. While they continue to persecute and root out heresy they have much less capability to do so without the direct aid of others and instead seem to be consolidating their own land and material strength.

The Nephilic Church

The Black Lodge is a scattered group of cults, often disguised within or around Seraphic churches, lodges and monasteries. They are more indulgent, less ‘pure’, but on the surface many of their rituals and beliefs are the same, despite their reputation for evil.

The Druidic Church

Dedicated to balance, maintenance and protection of the environment the Druidic Church is strongest amongst the stonedweller tribes and the people of the countryside. The ‘Old Way’ beliefs have fallen away in more civilised times but echoes of them remain in many villages that still observe naturalistic superstitions involving plants, animals, dance and song.

The Slaver’s Guild

Almost universally hated, The Slaver’s Guild is illegal in Kingsland and barely tolerated in Queensland, despite the vital service they provide. They take vulnerable people and well them, mainly in The Vorean Repiblic, Lower Tintagel and Morgan’s Curse. Those who end up body slaves are considered fortunate. The Guild has a powerful militia and are little better than pirates in many instances, but this only gives them more impunity to act.

The Tomb Robber’s Guild

Adventurers in the purest sense, the Tomb Robber’s Guild pays little or no heed to warnings or curses and pursues ancient lore, wealth, technology and magic with a singleminded determination. They pursue every thread of evidence, every rumour with dogged endurance. Much of what they find is empty or monstrous and many die but those who remain enrich themselves and the Cosmos as a whole.

The Pendragon Legion

The ‘police’ of Kingsland the Legion can be identified by their deep blue cloaks. Stern and humourless they dispense brutal justice (unless you’re a noble) and patrol the roads and byways of Pendragon and beyond to hold them secure and safe.

The Fyrd

Queen Morgan’s soldiers, secret police and enforcers. The military and police of Queensland are much the same. Little more than brutes they can be a fierce force but often suffer large amounts of casualties due to being considered expendable. Vicious, ruthless, they pay little or no heed to chivalry or the rules of battle and enforce their whims as much as laws.

The Prince’s Guard

Poor knights by most standards the Prince’s Guard make up for their poverty with richness of character. Honour-bound and chivalrous they keep to their code and enforce it evenly. They particularly see themselves as defenders of women’s honour and safety. A weakness that their enemies do tend to exploit.

The Black Guard

The Blaggards of lower tintagel are cunning enforcers and collectors of King Mark’s taxes. A guerilla force in times of battle they are rightly feared for their skill in torture and hit-and-fade tactics. Over the civilian population they are ruthless and merciless in their pursuit of what’s owed.

The Brotherhood of Progression

A secretive order of monks unaffiliated with the churches. The Brotherhood is close to the King and seems to know more about First Age magic and relics than anyone. They are small in number, but their influence over the King seems great.

The Dungeoneer’s Guild

Closely affiliated with the Tomb Robber’s Guild, the Dungeoneers concentrate their efforts more or clearing and rendering safe the insane complexes and twisted beasts that still haunt the Cosmos in the wake of mad Lucifer and his experiments. They base themselves on the edges of the wild lands to support those adventurers willing to risk all within these deathtraps.

The Beggar’s Guild

An alliance of the mad, the infirm and the impoverished. They band together what little resources they have in order to aid their people as a whole. More and more petty crime has come under their remit, threatening to put them at odds with the Thieve’s Guild.

The Linnorm Society

They worship these loathesome beasts and take slaves and prisoners to feed to them, to appease them. They, themselves, are not killed or eaten for some unknown reason. Their disgusting and cannibalistic practices disgust both Kingsmen and Queensmen alike who can even unite against them.

The Dust Cabal

On Avalon, beyond the settled areas, lies the dust. The Cabal plies these wastes, looking for relic, for remnants and they hold Merlin in esteem as a god. Eccentric and obsessive they are, nonetheless, the best guides beyond the border.

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