Mass Effect: Closure

I’ve got one more ME article to write after this one. My speculations on the universe after the end of ME3 and what sort of adventures might be told with the write up I have made.

Meanwhile, here’s how the epilogue and battle scenes played out in my head.


Camelot Cosmos: The Cosmos

The systems of The Camelot Cosmos are divided between Kingsland – those areas controlled by King Gawain XXXIII – Queensland, those controlled by Morgana, and the contested areas over which they fight.



Pendragon is home to Camelot, a city-sized castle and the capital and home palace to its ruler. It is full of wonders, not least The Golden Mile, a golden-roofed street lined with merchants and home to The Diamond Exchange, the guildhome for merchants in all of Kingsland.

Arthur’s Grave

An ocean world, scattered with islands set in a placid sea. It is home to rural peasants and to quiet, contemplative monasteries though the scattered islands would also make an excellent area for mercenaries and reavers to hide.


A temperate world of scattered villages and market towns, separated by extensive farmland and small stretches of woodland. Beyond the farmland and villages the land degenerates until it becomes an endless desert of dust which is said to contain the lost cities of the bygone ages.


An out-of-the-way world, a First Age ruin to the consideration of many. It is heavily investigated by The Brothers of Progression and is also said to be a home to monsters.

Upper Tintagel

A world of floating islands of rock upon which each town and city is built, sometimes connected by bridges. The planet is in a state of perpetual cold war, the undersides of each floating settlement at war with the top-sides reflecting the divide between King and Queen.


Morgan’s Curse

The capital of Queensland and the seat of Queen Morgan. It is a huge world, larger than Pendragon with a population in the teeming millions, billions, collected into huge cities filled with toiling serfs who work in the great factories. The sky is filled with smoke and fumes and the rain burns the skin.


A cursed world said to be haunted by the ghosts of Mordred’s defeated army. These spirits infest the realm, questing always for willing – or unwilling – bodies to possess. Visitors often stay away, despite the promise of great treasure and spoils from past wars. The natives make a kind of peace with their lot.

Old Rom

Nominally independent, Old Rom adheres to older ways than the rest of the Camelot Cosmos and tips its hat to Morgan’s rulership, preferring the rulings of their own senate. They have their own, internal problems with piracy and rebellion, barbarians at the gate, and have become insular.


A dangerous world and a beautiful one at the same time. The landscapes are fantastical and can live with one forever but it is also home to the ogres that serve in the Queen’s army, a home to monsters.

Lower Tintagel

The underside of the floating islands is a realm of criminals and lunatics, of exiles and rebels. Held together by King Mark they wage a constant war of terrorism, slavery and criminality against Upper Tintagel.


Ruled by the Vorean Republic, who only loosely ally themselves with Morgan. They strive to control their own world, to dominate the Stonedwellers. They are large, aggressive, powerful and retain many relics and much technology from the old empire but those who oppose them are vicious and steadfast.


Once Arthur’s hunting grounds this is a wilderness with only one major settlement. Its mountains and forests team with barbarian tribes. The forests hold many secrets and has space to swallow many more.

Contested Ground


Here, to preserve the other worlds – at least so far – the armies of the two sides face each other in constant battle. It is a grinding place of war, trenches and fortifications and the war shows no sign of ending any time soon.