SLA Film? Series? Comic? Video Game?

So the boys at Nightfall made a pretty big announcement:

Romark Entertainment has acquired the film and television rights to the critically acclaimed Role-Playing Game, “SLA Industries,” from publisher Nightfall Games.  As part of the acquisition, Romark and “SLA” creators Dave Allsop and Jared Earle are also announcing a partnership that will see the two sides come together under one banner to focus exclusively on the expansion of the 20-year running series into the comic book, video game and art worlds.

This is actually a huge thing. Not that many games or game worlds end up optioned like this. D&D, Heavy Gear, Shadowrun…. that’s about it really. Lately video games become TTRPGs more than the other way around.

SLA is a wonderful game and world, a great ‘place’ to write about and for. Having been involved working on the Hunter Sheets, Cannibal Sector One and other aspects of the game in the past I’m very excited to see what occurs out of this.

Personally I’d love to see a procedurally generated, mission-oriented tactical CRPG come out of it. What do I know though eh?

Guys, if you need a writer, let me know!

One response to “SLA Film? Series? Comic? Video Game?

  1. There seem to be a revival of well tough and interesting setting. Maybe the new crowd is waking up about stuff not made in a hollywood budget bureau!

    This is good news, i’m keeping myself back tough, it might veer off and finish like BioswEAre.

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