Camelot Cosmos: Magic & Loss

Technology as magic is hardly a new idea and it turns up all over the place one way or the other. Either with technology being as powerful as magic, indistinguishable from it or the fusion of the two.

Technology & magic are really one and the same in Camelot Cosmos but the technology such as remains, is opaque. That is, most people don’t understand how it works so to someone from the agricultural areas of a lower tech world will see no real difference between someone pointing a stick at them and chanting, or pointing a scanning device (except that one will actually work while the other simply scares them).

In many ways this is like the real world. Very few of us understand how much of the technology we use every day works and it lacks wondrous impact only because it’s so ubiquitous and familiarity breeds contempt. In Camelot Cosmos the technology is similarly ‘invisible’ but also a lot more rare. Few people have access to it, fewer people understand how it works, but it is still there, present, important and powerful. Particularly for the players.

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