Mass Effect: Postscript

For those of you who don’t know I have been very unwell for the last few weeks (depression issues). Re-playing Mass Effect 1 & 2 has been a very welcome distraction, something to occupy my brain and stop it turning on itself.

That’s what the best kinds of fiction can do when you need it to, get you out of your own head into somewhere/somewhen else. Mass Effect has consistently hit the right notes for me in humour, in Science Fictional thinking and falling into a sweet spot somewhere just on the harder side of Space Opera.

Yes, there’s a controversy over the ending but that is, in part, why I set about doing an RPG conversion of it. To help me make my own endings. To get to better grips with the universe and to prove to myself a little, after what amounted to a near-breakdown, that I still had the chops to hack a little system adaptation and writing again with less pressure than actually getting back to work.

The conversion I have done works with the Heavy Gear 2nd Edition version of Silhouette, but most versions will work fine.

You can buy and download HG2 HERE and it’s only a hair over $10 US. Bargain for a scalable, gritty system.

HERE‘s a quick link to the Mass Effect tagged entries in this blog.

I also keep an in-character play diary of my Mass Effect (and other) games over on G+, HERE.

I haven’t played ME3 yet, but when I do – and have completed it – I intend to share my personal interpretation/version of the endings (the closure that’s missing) and my ideas on ‘what happens next’.

Obviously there’s a lot of gaps in the game material I’ve presented here, but then there’s a lot of gaps in the game too. That’s just room for you to be creative.

If you want a more Computer Game feel to the way the shields work, I’d double the regeneration and the total value, but I wanted them to, basically, be ‘one safe hit’ and nothing more.

3 responses to “Mass Effect: Postscript

  1. Games can often have a very positive effect, despite what the media often tells us. While too much escapism can be a problem too, finding a world where you belong, at least for a little while, can be a great respite. Stay strong. Save the galaxy one more time. 🙂

  2. These hard times had been a way to rethink my life and start back on a different note. It’s sane to have feeling. Keep playing, it’s good for the brain.

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