Mass Effect Part Sixteen: Tech Powers

It takes a whole turn of effort to prepare a Tech attack and then it is unleashed on the following turn.

AI Hacking (Electronic Warfare): The tech makes an Electronic Warfare roll against a target of 4 modified by the target’s WIL. EG: A WIL of -1 means a target threshold of 3. If they fail they are under control for a number of turns equal to the character’s Electronic Warfare skill level and also gain a shield boost equal to the EW skill level x10.

Cryo Blast (Mechanics): The character makes a Mechanics roll against a Threshold of 5 to configure their omni-tool and then sprays a gust of cryogenic particles (as a Mechanics/AGI attack roll). This freezes the target for a number of turns equal to the threshold gained.

Combat Drone (Electronics): The character spawns a floating drone out of forcefields and particles. This floats independently and has stats of zero. It attacks with a close-combat zap with a damage of 5 that does double damage against shields. It lasts for a number of turns equal to their Electronics skill total. It has 10/20/40 stamina and zero shields. It has a skill of 1 for zapping but can also lend aid in technical tasks, providing a +1 bonus to the user while it is operating.

Incinerate (Mechanics): The character prepares a field bubble of plasma with their omni-tool and then unleashes it as a small-arms attack. It does damage as per a fire with an intensity of their Mechanics skill +3. A mechanics/AGI roll must be made to hit.

Overload (Electronic Warfare): The character targets a synthetic or a shield system and hacks into it, to cause it damage. They roll EW against the target’s EW  do damage to shields or synthetics equal to their threshold x10. They need not have line of sight to do so.

Tactical Cloak (Electronic Warfare): The Omni Tool creates a field around the user rendering them invisible, adding their EW level to their Stealth skill for a number of turns equal to their EW skill level multiplied by two. They can even hide in plain sight.

Tech Armour (Electronics): The Omni Tool supplements the person’s shield with additional power and visible ‘bracing’. The extra shield lasts until destroyed and has a value equal to the creator’s electronics level x20. When destroy it explodes with a 5m radius doing electrical damage with an intensity equal to their Electronics level +3

Ammo Powers (Smallarms): Characters can use their omni-tool to single-load a shot as though they had specialist ammo.

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