Mass Effect Part Fourteen: Biotics

Biotics are natural telekinetic and other abilities that form through the interaction of Element Zero and the electrochemical nervous system of sentient beings. Without an amp the effects are tiny (take -5 away from their Biotic Strength) but with an amp they are raised to useful levels.

Biotic Strength
Biotic powers are empowered with Biotic Strength which is calculated by adding together PSY and WIL and dividing by 2 rounding down.

Biotic Cooldown
This is the number of turns between uses of Biotic Power it takes you to recover enough mental strength. Determine cooldown by adding FIT and WIL, dividing by 2 and taking the result away from 5 – the minimum is one meaning that, at most, you can only use a biotic power every other turn.

Biotic Implants
Biotic Implants enhance and control a Biotic’s abilities, providing them with certain advantages.

  • L1s are implanted after puberty. The implant increases their Biotic Strength by +1 to a maximum of 2.
  • L2s are unpredictable. They increase Biotic Strength by +2 with no limit, but the implanted lose -1 FIT due to the side effects, headaches and pain that they cause.
  • L3 implants grant +1 Biotic Strength with no side effects.
  • L4 implants are tied with a VI program to regulate and smooth out spikes of power. They provide a +3 Biotic strength bonus with no side effects.
  • L5 implants are top of the line, current, modern systems. They provide a +2 Biotic Strength bonus without the need for a moderating VI.

Amps are tools through which Biotic powers are moderated, controlled and fine tuned. They come in ten grades, from basic to elite status and are highly expensive and specialist pieces of kit.

Biotic Amps are tuned to the individual user and their grade determines a pool of points which can be tailored and tuned to the individual user. The grade of the Amp provides 1-10 points which can be spent to:

  • Increase Biotic Strength: 2 for 1.
  • Decrease Cooldown: 2 for 1.
  • Provide a bonus to a particular Biotic skill: 1/1 (Max +5).

Biotic Abilities are skills and are bought with skill points, rolls are made on skill level and Biotic Strength. The following skills are available:

  • Barrier – Throws up a shield, just like a force-shield, with protection equal to your Biotic Strength x 20. It does not regenerate and must, rather be ‘re-cast’.
  • Charge – You can ‘instantly’ move a number of metres equal to double your Biotic Strength, in addition to your normal move. If you choose to barge into someone determines unarmed damage/armed damage by adding your Biotic Strength as well.
  • Dominate – You can mentally take control and puppet another sentient being for a number of turns equal to your biotic strength. Roll your dominate skill against a threshold of 3+WIL to try and take control. A controlled individual gains a Barrier of a strength equal to 10x your Biotic strength.
  • Pull – Cannot be resisted but the target’s BLD+3 is the threshold for success. If successful they are hurled into the air to float for a number of turns equal to your Biotic Strength.
  • Reave – A direct neurological attack using mass effect fields this does damage with a Biotic Strength x3 multiplier and does double damage to barriers and shields.
  • Shockwave – Shockwave creates a series of Mass Effect ‘explosions’ in a path in front of you for Biotic Strength x3 metres, two metre wide. Anyone caught in the effect takes a Biotic Strength intensity attack and must roll against a Threshold of your Biotic Strength or be knocked off their feet.
  • Singularity – Singularity attempts to drag everyone within Biotic Strength metres towards it, clumping them together. They can resist by rolling Strength against a Threshold equal to Biotic Strength.
  • Slam – Slam lifts, then smashes a target into the ground. It can be resisted with a STR roll against a threshold of Biotic Strength. It does damage equal to triple Biotic Strength in intensity.
  • Stasis – Stasis attacks, resisted by STR against a Threshold of Biotic Strength, freeze a target in place but also renders them immune to damage. The stasis lasts a number of turns equal to Biotic Strength.
  • Throw – Throw launches enemies backwards or into objects. Roll Throw skill against a threshold of BLD+3 to hurl back Biotic Strength x2 metres. If they hit anything on the way they take a Biotic Strength intensity attack.
  • Warp – Warp does basic Biotic damage on a successful hit but also distorts spacetime, weakening the effectiveness of an enemy’s armour, reducing it equal to Biotic Strength for a number of turns equal to Biotic Strength.
  • Warp Ammo – The biotic can enhance their weapons with a biotic warp field. Increase the damage of the weapon against barriers and armour, but not shields, by their Biotic Strength. The ‘enchantment’ lasts for a single turn.

6 responses to “Mass Effect Part Fourteen: Biotics

  1. Really liking what you’re doing with these Mass Effect rules. Biotics rock! I’ve not checked, but I assume that racial bonuses for the Asari boost their biotic rating?

  2. interesting implants by the way. I wonder what would happens if a L4 got a Sheppard VI. At first the kid loves the thing, then grow to hate it. The 7 percent accuracy is just enough to make him tick when he hear the real guy talking.

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