Mass Effect Part Thirteen: Vorcha

The Vorcha are a ‘pestilent’ race of aggressive scavengers, notable for their unique biology and startling aggression. They are found primarily where civilisation is breaking down or has broken down. Many turn up in mercenary gangs, valued for their regenerative abilities, if not their capacity to follow orders.

Vorcha only live for around 20 years, in part due to the hyperactive nature of their biology. The Vorcha are made up of clusters of adaptive cells which allow them to heal (see the Krogan) and to adapt quickly to the environments that they find themselves in. They might grow thicker skin after being cut, increase their muscle mass to resist high gravity and so on. Unlike the Krogan they can also regenerate limbs and completely heal scars.

Vorcha originate from a small and overcrowded planet, stripped of its natural resources. They follow a small scale, loyal, clan-based society of constant warfare over scant resources. It is this lack of resources that has kept them relatively primitive, rather than – necessarily – any particular weakness of the species.

A non-spacefaring species, they have accessed the wider universe as stowaways and have bred, and spread, across the darker and less civilised areas of space ever since. Adapting and flourishing outside of common view.

However, as a consequence of this, the vorcha as a species no longer evolve as other races do. The vorcha equivalent of DNA has remained unchanged for millions of years. There is no need for them to evolve as a species when they can adapt as individuals.

Vorcha Worlds
Vorch – homeworld (nickname), Flett, Wrill, Volturno

Vorcha Statistics
After generating statistics for a Vorcha, modify them as follows:
CRE -1, FIT +1, INF -1, KNO -1.
Adjust their STR, after calculation, by +1
Natural weapons: Claws and teeth, +1 Unarmed damage, minimum value 2.
Regeneration: See Krogan
Adaptability: 1d6+1 days to adapt, shift one stat point to another stat, must be response to external stimulus.

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