Mass Effect Part Ten: The Elcor

The Elcor are a large, broad-shouldered, ponderous species from the high-gravity world Dekuuna. They are massive, standing on four muscular legs with a gait somewhat similar to a terran gorilla. Their forelegs have manipulating ‘fingers’ but are by no means dextrous.

Elcor do everything slowly and carefully, which makes up for their lack of fine control in most circumstances. They do things carefully, but right. Their slowness is an evolved response to their high gravity environment wherein a mistake or a fall can be costly, even lethal. Their attitude reflects their physiology, slow, deliberate and conservative.

While slow moving, the Elcor are imposing and posessed of immense strength along with a tough, thick skin that protects them from harm. They can communicate verbally but most of their tone and attitude is conveyed through smell and body-language so subtle and hard for non-Elcor to read that it puts the Batarians to shame. To compensate for this the Elcor preface their speech with descriptors when talking to non-Elcor, such as ‘Alarmed: what are you doing in my office?’

The Elcor are a minor Citadel race with close ties to the Volus and the Asari (who helped usher them into interstellar society). They are content in their position and, typically for the Elcor, not especially ambitious. Their government reflects their herd-like past, stable and consistent, which makes up for a considerable amount of other weaknesses. If nothing else, the Elcor are reliable.

The Elcor government, The Courts of Dekuuna, is based on seniority. Elders spend an age formulating the best possible plan, consulting with the best possible experts and map out a course on the long-term view.

Elcor military forces are typically based on a standing defence. In space combat they rely on heavily automated ships working on tactics determined and pre-programmed by expert elders. VIs run their battles far faster than the Elcor themselves can react. Their troops carry heavy armaments across their shoulders and operate as ‘living tanks’.

Elcor Worlds
Dekuuna – homeworld, Ekuna, Thunawanuro

Elcor Stats
After calculating statistics, modify them as follows:
AGL -2, BLD +2, CRE -1, FIT +2, INF -1, KNO +1, WIL +1
STR +1 after calculation
Elcor have a natural armour of 5.

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