Mass Effect Part Eleven: The Hanar

The Hanar resemble the terran ‘Portuguese Man o’War’ but is a single rather than a colonial creature. Hanar are intensely polite when speaking and hold their religion – an ancestor worship of the Protheans whom they call The Enkindlers – dear.

Hanar stand tall on long tentacles outside of their natural ocean habitat and have to employ a mass-effect field in order to do so, lessening their mass and allowing them to stand. Each tentacle – and they have six – ends in three fingers and they can ‘stand’ on as few as two tentacles, making them incredibly dextrous though they have a hard time exerting a great deal of strength, lacking solid structure as they do. Their grip around things is strong, but their ability to otherwise exert strength is sorely lacking. Hanar do resemble jellyfish in that they can excrete natural toxins, though they do this through their skin rather than through a sting as jellyfish do.

Hanar technology is typically extremely subtle, almost invisible unless you know what to look for. They have a very hard time using Mass Effect or other recoiling weapons and in large part rely on their client species, the Drell, to handle such tasks for them.

Hanar communicate using bioluminescence, which is translated into audible speech via devices, but these lack the true subtlety of Hanar communication, a common problem that they share with the Elcore. Some Drell – and others who deal regularly with the Hanar – have implants or surgery to extend their perception into the infrared and ultraviolet, the better to recieve Hanar communication.

There are two names to the Hanar, a face name and a soul name. The face name is used generally for business and with acquaintances. The soul name is reserved for family and truly close friends. It tends to be poetic and descriptive of the Hanar in question. Hanar never refer to themselves in the first person, considering it rude and selfish. This mask of politeness never falters, even under extreme duress.

The Hanar are not isolationist but do tend to be isolated – economically – because of their physical differences to most other intelligent species. They are ruled by The Illuminated Primacy, a semi-theocratic governmental institution. They are strong contenders for the next Council seat, though the undertaking that earned such respect is not yet known.

Hanar Worlds
Kahje – homeworld, First Land, Belan

Hanar Statistics
After generating statistics, modify the Hanar character as follows:
AGI +2, FIT -2
When calculating STR the calculated value is for gripping/holding, for all other exertions their STR is considered -4

Hanar Toxin: Potency 15 (Modify by Fitness), Effect: Paralysis, Onset Time: 3 turns (15 seconds).

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