Mass Effect Part Nine: The Drell

The Drell are a reptilian race, saved from their dying world by the Hanar after the races made first contact. Since then the Drell have been a loyal client race to the Hanar, complimenting them with their abilities, hands and prowess, making up for the Hanar limitations.

Drell are omnivorous humanoids with a lifespan similar to humans. They are of a similar size and shape to humans and Asari but with denser muscle tissue, giving them a relatively higher degree of strength compared to other species of the same size.

Their throats are well developed, allowing them to create sounds above and below the human range of hearing. Originally hailing from a dry, arid world the Drell have a hard time with prolonged exposure to damp and wetness which can, with prolonged exposure, cause progressive degeneration and suffocation.

The Drell have the ability to recall with near-perfect detail memories from their past and can even zone-out and re-live the memory in vivid detail.

The Drell homeworld of Rakhana is now barren and lifeless despite once being home to some 11 billion Drell. Despite the best efforts of the Hanar only some four-hundred-thousand Drell could be saved. The Drell simply lacked the ability or capacity to rapidly become an interstellar society and was in a state of freefall collapse.

It has been two centuries now nad most Drell remain on the Hanar world, Kahje. The debt of gratitude they feel as a race towards the Hanar is one that cannot seem to be repaid. To other races this deal, The Compact, can seem like slavery, but it is considered a great honour to be chosen to pay the debt.

Those who are chosen typically recieve some implants to aid them in communicating with the Hanar by allowing them to see the UV and IR spectra given off by them.

Drell Statistics
After generating statistics for the Drell adjust them as follows:
+1 Strength (after calculation)
All Drell have the ability to recall events with perfect clarity.

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