Current To-Do List

These are all the projects ground was broken on last year that need completion before I’m free to do whatever the hell I want in a more relaxed manner (basically, I’m boned).

  1. Gosh, Spies!.
  2. Urban Faerie.
  3. 6-Pack (Pathfinder adventure – Needs layout).
  4. Traveller: Alienist (career path – Needs layout).
  5. Lady Bexington’s Home for Wayward Zombies (board game – needs layout).
  6. Steampunk Mecha Duel (board game – waiting on art).
  7. Cthentacle: Spankham Asylum (Waiting on art).
  8. ImagiNation (Using the descriptive system from Neverwhere – Needs edit and layout).
  9. IRRESPRESSIBLE! (Waiting on art, needs editing and layout).
  10. Gilder (Open d6 ‘DungeonPunk’ game – Writing needs completion).
  11. Project (Open d6 SF, mission-oriented game – Writing & art needed).
  12. Camelot Cosmos (FATE, Arthurian SF game – Waiting on art).

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