Gosh, Spies! Preview – Alex the Tomboy

Alex (Member of the Prying Pentad)

Alex is thirteen years old and very much a tomboy, so much so that she often gets mistaken for a boy and that’s something that makes her enormously happy. Fierce, fiery, almost perpetually scowling Alex is – nonetheless – a loyal friend and very protective of those she cares about, especially her dog, Jimmy. Alex is very athletic and physical and cares not a jot for academics despite the scientific bent of her father.

Concept: Fierce tomboy.

“No, I’m a BOY.”
“You leave my dog alone, you prig!”
Stubborn as two mules in an argument with each other.
Terribly fierce.

+1 Cool: Alertness, Athletics, Endurance, Fists, Intimidation, Investigation, Might, Resolve, Stealth, Survival.

Boys will be Boys – You can spend a FATE point to unquestionably get away with convincing someone that something you were up to was simple, boyish hijinx.

Secret Club (Prying Pentad) – The characters with this Stunt share a special, communal pool of FATE points that any of them can tap into. Whenever a character from the team gains a FATE point they can, instead, choose to donate it to the group fund.

Physical Stress: OOOOOO
Composure Stress: OOOOOO
Social Stress: OOOOO

Prying Pentad FATE: OOOOO

Refresh: 8