What’s Going On?

Quiet around ‘ere, innit?

Couple of reasons for that:

I’ve taken the month off, in order to catch up on my stack of computer games and just to do the ‘take time off’ thing, which I never normally do.

I’m reassessing a bunch of things about how I work and what I do, trying to find a healthier way to proceed that’s easier to fit around my depression and doesn’t put so much stress upon me.

In practical terms what that’s going to mean is that I will be:

  1. Finishing outstanding projects as swiftly as possible starting next year.
  2. Taking another short break.
  3. Upping the prices of new projects as they come online. The increased cost of living and various other factors make this a regrettable necessity and I’ve always ‘undervalued’ my products compared to other Indie authors. Part of this is about valuing my own work more to help fix my brain.
  4. Writing fiction.

Products are likely to turn out slower because of these changes but, hopefully, the quality of them will be better, in part because I’ll be working more on what I want when I want.

I hope my fans, friends and audience will continue to be supportive and tolerant as things move forward. Don’t forget that I crave feedback and interaction and the more you talk to me the better I can gauge what people might want.