General Update

Indiecon was very good for us. Second best con – monetarily – that we’ve ever done. So, woo!

Agents of SWING is still going strong and there is more support coming, I promise! Probably Nefarious before Gosh, Spies! given my schedule.

Due to cons and other interruptions I haven’t communicated with all my freelancers and assistants yet this month, so can’t give you a full status update. Regarding what I currently have on my plate:

  • Another Pathfinder 6-Pack adventure by Goblinboy just about ready to go.
  • The new issue of Autopsy, just about ready to go.
  • A new line of generic fantasy gangs for use with any high/mid/urban fantasy games, by Uri.
  • Another 4E sixpack adventure by Sarah Darkmagic, not sure what stage this is at. Will need maps and counters when ready.
  • Lady Bexington’s Home for Wayward Zombies – Just about read to go – boardgame.
  • The Little Grey Book – Story Game, essentially complete but waiting for more feedback.
I will complete what I can in what remains of November but then we have Dragonmeet at the end of the month and then I am taking December as a whole off working (save for maintenance) in order to rest, reassess and work out my scheduling and process for next year, when and where I hope to do more fiction in addition to game writing.