Blood!: Clearing

Dear [Your Name Here],

It is important for the government, and for the country, to ensure that the best and brightest are able to access higher education not only on the basis of being able to afford that education but also in terms of merit and talent. Given the economic situation as we recover from the Greater Depression of the twenty-teens we must balance the need to provide education and build the economy with the necessities of population control in the wake of the equatorial exodus and the expense of providing those educational opportunities.

You have been put forward by your parents as talented and worthwhile individuals for the Clearing Program as outlined in the Meritorious Scholarship Act of 2019. As such you have been removed from your home and placed in this Designated Testing Zone which is considered a Zero Tolerance Area under the Societal Safety Act of 2016. As such the normal rule of law is suspended upon this island for the duration of this test.

You have each been administered with a slow-release toxin which, without the administering of the antidote, will kill you in approximately three days.

Four teams from your college have been selected for the opportunity to gain an expenses paid position at the elite university of Camford. Your academic standing is not in question but you must still show yourselves to have the kind of instinct that will serve you well in the world of business after your education so that the government and its corporate sponsors can recoup their investment in you and your future.

The best of luck to you and your team and we look forward to welcoming you into the world of university education.


Oswald Powell
Education Secretary