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Trollspace: Gear

Characters talents and level are worked out as per the normal T&T book but equipment and money work a little differently, given that we’re talking about science fiction here.

A character starts with 3d6x100 Quid (Short for Quid-Pro-Quo) which is a universal standard of electronic currency and is used to assign value to items even if you’re engaging in barter.

A Quid is divided into 100 Cents which are used for small transactions.
Small numbers of physical coins were issued by the old empire in both denominations and these are worth approximately double what the electronic version is worth.

Incompatibility between old electronic systems and the breakdown of galactic civilisation has lead to a plethora of different coinage systems both physical and electronic but the Quid/Cent is still a common term and point of reference.



All costs are for base-quality gear. Good quality gear costs x2, Bespoke x10 and Couture x100

Belt – 2q
Belt, weapon – 5q
Boots (work) – 15q
Boots (dress) – 10q
Boots, knee-high – 20q
Boots, thigh-high – 25q
Cap, workers – 5q
Cape – 20q
Cloak, heavy – 30q
Cloak, hooded – 40q
Cloak, light – 15q
Coat, short – 30q
Coat, long – 75q
Dress, short – 50q
Dress, long – 100q
Halter – 3q
Holster, shoulder – 5q
Jumpsuit/catsuit – 25q
Kilt – 25q
Kilt, utility – 30q
Rags – 1q
Shoes, practical – 5q
Shoes, dress – 10q
Shoes, fancy – 20q
Shirt, long sleeve – 10q
Shirt, short sleeve – 5q
Shirt, T, – 3q
Shorts – 10q
Skirt, short – 10q
Skirt, long – 20q
Trousers – 20q
Underwear, men’s – 5q
Underwear, women’s – 15q
Vest – 3q


Las-saw – 50q
First Aid Kit , 5 uses – 100q
Grapple Gun – 60q
B&E Kit – 150q
Hack Pad – 500q
Wrist Computer – 200q

Riding Animals

Krank, pack lizard – 400q
Grum, heavy hauler/meat animal – 550q
Gork, two-legged riding bird – 300q
Bork, larger two-legged riding bird – 1200q
Rork, two-legged riding raptor – 3000q
Skash, six-legged felinoid – 4000q

Tack and harness included.

Misc Gear

Backpack – 5q
Trunk – 200q
Lighter – 20q
Torch – 15q
Ammo belt, ten magazine – 25q
Climbing rope, fifty feet – 25q
Water bottle – 5q

Next time… weapons!