Invaderz: Non Violent Protest

The Jerkian Empire is ruled with a brutal and needlessly cruel fist. This is why the rest of the universe thinks they’re a bunch of dicks. There’s nothing Jerkians like more than beating the crap out of other defenceless species and subjugating them.

The problem arises when these slave races inevitably get it into their heads that they must revolt and fight for their FREEEEDOM, putting at risk all the benefits of being part of the Jerkian Empire, full employment, regular meals, sometimes even both at the same time. Regular beatings, torture and medical experiments are just a bonus.

All these revolts and resistance movements are hugely tiresome and the Jerkian military is looking for a more effective means to control these revolts and they think they’ve found their solution amongst the filthy, stupid Earthlings.

In examining the Earthian media and history the Jerkians have stumbled upon the idea of ‘Non violent protest’. In examining the records the Jerkians are mystified as to why the Earthian security forces don’t just ‘Stamp on their heads, they’re non violent, they’re not going to fight back’.

Jerkian intelligence wants this idea of non-violent, public resistance to spread through the Jerkian Empire and, as such, they need footage of it succeeding in Earthian society. The team are sent to observe a non-violent protest, to gather footage and to ensure that it works.

Secret Weapons: Love Gun – Anyone zapped by the Love Gun becomes full of peace and love and completely pacifistic. If it goes wrong they are driven into a killing frenzy.

Sleep Bomb: A grenade with a 50 ft radius that puts all earth life within that radius to sleep. If it goes wrong they all have the screaming night terrors and run around in their sleep.

Other suggested equipment includes disguises and camera equipment.