Blood!: Hell on Earth

Like I don’t have enough on my plate I’m still keen to get on with Blood!: Hell on Earth which is the witch-hunting and demon-fighting setting playable from the 1400s to the 1700s but set, by default, in the Annus Mirablis of 1666 in Britain.

The setting is all there in notes and various spaces in my brain but I’m weighing up whether to deviate further in the rules than I have in the errata and options I’ve already put out there.

Blood! wouldn’t be Blood! without the complexity and the grit which informs its deadliness and makes it what it is. At the same time the complaints and requests that I have had are about the complexity and there are some ways it might be slimmed down a bit and simplified.

Character creation is the big slowdown in the system at the moment and could very well be simplified though some fidelity and individuality might be lost in the process. This would entail getting rid of some of the modifiers and tying bonuses to singular statistics rather than lots of totalling up and divisions.

Assigning skills and skill points could also be slimmed down while leaving the main system intact. A base amount of points to spend and a bonus without, necessarily, being channelled into templates.

Otherwise, with the modifications and errata, everything’s pretty much good to go. It may be worth doing a playtest at Indiecon to see if it all works OK.