Cosmic Encounter Aliens: Fido

Trained for generations by a strict but unknown alien race, the Fidos were bred for retrieval. Slinking out on their own they cannot help but fetch the debris of outer space for whomever happens by, knowing they will be rewarded in some way.


Fast Metabolism
Feral 1d6 Education
Natural Weapon Claws/Bite 1 damage, Melee (natural weapons) 0.
Notable Statistic, Dexterity +2
Weak Statistic, Intelligence -2
Natural Talent for technology, +1 bonus to all tech/engineering skills.
Pack Rank replaces social standing.

Homeworld: Ihr (Home): C 876830-9 Ga

Starport C, 12.8k km, standard, tainted atmosphere, 60% water, hundreds of millions population, self-perpetuating oligarchy, law level 0, tech level 9.


Fido have the following traits:

  • Enhanced Hearing [Stunt]
  • Enhanced Smell [Stunt]
  • Fast [Stunt]
  • Jump [Stunt]
  • Jaws [Stunt]
  • Supermind [Engineering]
  1. Major weakness to Sonic Attacks
  2. Weakness to Psionic/Social control
  3. No fine manipulation


The Fido are an uplifted domestic species, somewhat similar to a Terran dog, though much bigger and more lizard/parrot like. They are now an independent species in their own right, though they still have a strong undercurrent of loyalty and submission built into their nature. The Fido are fascinated with technology, earning them the nickname ‘Junkyard dogs’. They collect, dismantle and reconstruct alien and ancient technology without truly understanding it and all their worlds and colonies are massive interstellar junkyards. They have no standardised equipment, no standardised ships, they turn whatever is to hand to whatever they want.

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