Cosmic Encounter Aliens: Dictator

Grotesque creatures rejected by an old and cultured world, the dictators pushed and clawed their way to planetary dominion. Relentless in their demands they turn friend against friend to do their bidding. Recently they have begun to tire of toying with the weak races at home and seek to control the entire universe.



Armoured 1
Flyer – Slow moving drift/hover.
Notable Intelligence & Education +2
Weak Strength & Endurance -2
Power replaces social standing.

Homeworld: Coltara Demesne: B 793969-10 N Hi In R
Starport B, 11.2k km, dense, tainted atmosphere, 30% water, population in the billions, captive government, law level 9, tech level 10.


Dictators have the following traits:

  • Flight (Hover) [Skill]
  • Outer Shell [Stunt]
  • Mind Control [Skill]
  • Dominate Mind [Stunt]
  • Mental Shield [Stunt]
  1. Weak to electrical attacks
  2. Weak to all germs/biological agents
  3. Weak


An ancient, geriatric and inbred race the Dictators ‘Saahim’ in their own language, which means ‘Masters’, are an offshoot of a long departed elder race, the ‘bad part’ that they left behind. Cruel, vindictive, genetically megalomaniacal and sadistic, they are riddled with deformities and congenital problems due to their tiny gene pool, kept alive only through cybernetic implants and hatred of anything ‘other’. Powerfully psychic they dominate and control their thralls through fear, intimidation, technology and direct psychic control.

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