Cosmic Encounter Aliens: Cudgel

The customary greeting amongst Cudgels is a hearty handshake and a solid blow to the head. This long-held tradition – often fatal – is frequently misunderstood by other races, much to the amusement of the Cudgels. Now, having flattened all their closest friends, the gregarious Cudgel look skyward, leaving the debris of their broken planet behind. With fists raised in friendship, they seek out new beings to meet, greet and smash and will not stop until the cosmos itself is shattered.


Armoured: 1
Large: Strength 3d6, Endurance 4d6
Natural Weapon: Horns 1 damage, Melee Natural Weapons 0.
Notable Strength & Endurance +2
Weak Education and Intelligence -2
Brutality replaces social standing

Homeworld: Chod: B0119A0-9 N Hi Ic In Na R

Starport B, Asteroids (multiple), trace atmosphere, hydrographics 10%, population in the billions, charismatic dictatorship, law level 0, tech level 9.


Cudgel have the following traits:

  • Hard Hide [Stunt]
  • Protection [Stunt]
  • Horns [Stunt] (See claws)
  • Oversized [Stunt]
  1. Weak Vs Psi Attacks
  2. Fractious (-2 to Rapport and Empathy rolls).
  3. No Fine Manipulation


The Cudgel, known as Huhn (Hoon) amongst themselves, are massive, brutish, simplistic souls who are prone to a sort of amiable rough housing that many find fatal. Cudgel believing in testing everything to destruction and only that which survives their attentions is worthy. Even their home planet wasn’t worthy, burst asunder into an asteroid field by their own careless weapon testing. Now they quest out into the void seeking new worlds which are worthy enough to be a home to their species.

If you survive the greeting, the Cudgel can be your staunchest allies and greatest friends.

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