Cosmic Encounter Aliens: Clones

A prolific species on a slowly cooling globe, the Clones traditionally selected the best of their race to represent them in territorial struggles. As the gene-pool thinned, one clan developed techniques to artificially duplicate their champion before battle. Thus, always rejuvenated, they came to dominate their world during the geologic crisis and emerged from it anxious to carry their new knowledge into cosmic competition.


Notable Strength, Dexterity and Endurance: +2
Small: Strength & Endurance 1d6, Dexterity 3d6
Social Standing is replaced by Bloodline

Homeworld: Leepeta: B556A34-A N Ag Ga Hi

Starport B, 8k km, thin atmosphere, 60% water, population in the tens of billions, self-perpetuating oligarchy, Law level 4, tech level 10.


Clones have the following traits:

  • Clones may take an extra (normal) stunt, for free, without impinging on their FATE pool.
  • Small
  1. Due to the highly engineered nature of their bodies, attempts to heal them or do surgery impose a -2 penalty.


Clones have become an almost entirely engineered species and can no longer reproduce normally. Variations are introduced while they are being cloned and main bloodlines control almost everything. New bloodlines must overcome prejudice and prove themselves before being accepted. Clones treat their bloodline almost like an extended family, mirroring the race’s tribal and fractious past.